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Role Players


Role Players


If you do not fancy yourself a sports fan please don’t give up on this post. I promise in the 4th quarter it will all come together. (That is a sports annalogy, but don’t worry.)

1st Quarter

My childhood years stretch in part over a period of sports history that was the heyday of the National Basketball Association.  The NBA on NBC would kick off with the greatest sports anthem ever composed, “Round Ball Rock”, a rousing composition by the eclectic entertainer John Tesh.

2nd Quarter

Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, and of course Michael Jordan. These were the superstars, the heroes of the hardcourt.

A team with a superstar had a chance to win and win often.

But even the best players on the planet need help. They need players who complimented their abilities. They need role players.

3rd Quarter

The greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, struggled to win a championship early in his carreer. It wasn’t until a stellar line up role players was assembled that the Chicago Bulls rolled off a run of championships.

Scottie Pippen. Bill Cartwright. Horace Grant. John Paxton. Steve Kerr. Dennis Rodman. Each had specialized skills from laser accuracy from long range to crashing the boards to secure rebounds. Whether they were starters or coming off the bench they came together to become a winning team.

4th Quarter

The body of Christ is a community of role players. That is what we are.

We are the body. Jesus is the head.

We are the role players. Jesus Christ, Superstar (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

No, Jesus doesn’t need us in the same way Patrick Ewing could have used a little more help on the Knicks of the 80s and 90s. Jesus doesn’t need us at all. But he chose to change the world using role players like us.

Being a role player means being willing to play a limited role. It means not getting the accolades or postgame interviews. It requires humility.


What role has God called you to play?


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