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The WorshipSphere

Special Songwriting Edition

The WorshipSphere – Special Songwriting Edition

Want to Become a Better Songwriter? Here’s Help – Bob Kauflin

“Over the years we’ve offered numerous seminars on songwriting at the WorshipGod conferences, taught primarily by Steve & Vikki Cook and Mark Altrogge, but also by guests that we’ve had at the conference. I thought it would be helpful to put them all in one place, so here they are.”

Worship Songwriting Simplified – Russ Hutto

“Let’s face it, what worship leader/songwriter hasn’t thought of writing a great worship anthem that resonates with fellow worshipers all around the world?…There’s nothing wrong with wanting to offer up songs that a lot of people can use to express their worship, but I want to challenge you worship songwriters to start at square one…Tomlin, Wesley, Redman, Watts, Maher, Baloche, Zschech, Crosby, Townsend, Getty – these are all songwriters of renown in our world. God has blessed them with songs that have great reach. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. But something I want you to think about today as you write songs for worship is home.”

Lessons Learned From 4 Great Songwriters – David Santistevan 

“I’m of the belief that the best way for you to become better at what you do is to seize it. Don’t wait for a mentor to approach you, seek out your mentors. As a worship songwriter, I always observe other writing styles – what melody works, what doesn’t, what lyrics are unique, which aren’t, etc.

In this post I just wanted to outline a few worship music songwriters that I admire and what I’ve learned from them. My desire is that you use the same curiosity with the music you like and apply what you learn from them. And also, study these guys. They’re the best.”


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