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The WorshipSphere


The WorshipSphere

The Call to Worship as a Summons From the Dead – Zac Hicks

“There is so much about life, the Bible, and worship that God intends to be received as loaded symbolism. Two particularly powerful symbols are death and resurrection. We see it in life all around us: forest fires yield new growth; winter always gives way to spring; great grandparents die and great grandkids are born; plants resurrect oxygen out of our exhaled byproduct, carbon dioxide. We certainly see it in the Bible, too: Israel “dies” in the wilderness and is resurrected out of her baptism through the Jordan; Jesus dies and rises; and we in Him do the same, particularly in our baptism (see Rom 6). And God also intends for gathered, corporate worship to be a place where we feel the reality of death and resurrection.”

8 Compelling Reasons to Study Worship Theology – Rob Still

“I am passionate about wholehearted worship and  practical theology. I think every worshiper should be. Here’s why.”

Heart Issues for Worship Leaders – A Round table discussion with Paul Tripp, Mike Cosper, Matt Boswell

“What kind of heart issues face worship leaders today? In a new roundtable video, Paul Tripp, Mike Cosper, and I look at this important topic. Tripp starts the conversation by saying, “A person’s ministry is never just shaped by knowledge, experience, and skill. It’s always also shaped by the condition of your own heart. In any ministry, you never leave your heart at the door.” From there the dialogue begins. Watch the full nine-minute video as we discuss idolatry, art, worship leadership, and the heart.”


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