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The Graveyard of Multi-Ethnic Worship – Isaac Adams

“A church’s unity radiates when all its members lay down their preferences to submit to one Christ-exalting preference… Multi-ethnic worship inherently testifies to this truth. When people from different ethnicities gather to praise God, they make known to the world God’s power to reconcile all people.”

Worship Pastor: A Biblical Job Description – Matt Mason

“The key term in the title “worship pastor,” is pastor. In many ways, I would rather be called “one of the pastors at The Church at Brook Hills,” than the “Worship Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills,” because the latter reminds me of my primary job description… What are the things that God has said are my primary, non-negotiable assignments as a worship pastor?”

Why Do We Have To Go To Church Again? – Matthew Westerholm

“Children ask this question on a semi-regular basis; I know my three boys have given me many opportunities to answer it. As a worship pastor, I am embarrassed to admit that I have found myself facing another service and asking the same question: why again? Did we fail last week, or do it wrong? Was last week’s service not enough?

I have not always had good answers at hand, beyond a Scriptural command not to neglect meeting together (Hebrews 10:25), but over time have drawn on encouragement from some portion of Scripture or a godly writer.  Having faced the challenge to frame those encouragements in ways that kids can understand and my own heart will accept, allow me to pass on my best three answers…”


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