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The WorshipSphere is a weekly roundup of great blog articles provided by SimplyWorship. If you have a suggestion for a relevant article that we should include, email us at info@simplyworshipconference.org.

Do Worship Leaders Actually Care About the Bible? – Matt Boswell

This clip from Tony Merida is from a sermon delivered at the Austin Stone Worship Conference in the summer of 2013. Tony offers an important question for us as worship leaders, pastors, and church members as we think through biblical worship leadership.

7 Characteristics of The Ministry of Song – Ron Man

Unlike the Old Testament, there is precious little in the New Testament about musical ministry in corporate worship; but Ephesians 5:18-20 (along with Colossians 3:16) does provide a helpful foundation. In this passage we see at least seven aspects that should characterize our ministry of song.

Multi-Generational Worship – Daniel Ranstrome

This is pure speculation, but it seems to me that when the modern worship movement came into town, churches became more and more age segregated.  There is probably a doctoral student somewhere in America working on this topic right now, so I’ll wait for that book to come out to tell me more about it.  But as a general observation, I do not remember churches in my youth having such radical age divides as they do now.  And my guess is that music is one of the main reasons for this change.


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