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The WorshipSphere

The WorshipSphere is a weekly roundup of great blog articles provided by SimplyWorship. If you have a suggestion for a relevant article that we should include, email us at info@simplyworshipconference.org.

Five Ways to Improve Congregational Singing – Keith Getty

“It seems curious that in a generation that has produced innumerable conferences, articles, blogs, and even university degree programs on “worship,” the topic of congregational singing hasn’t been raised more often.  But even if we had been discussing congregational participation, would we know what goal we’re aiming to hit each week?”

Is Your Pastor Stunting Your Creativity? – Ronnie Martin

“Bring us into the future.” I remember the line like it was yesterday. It was a plea, of sorts, that I had been given by a senior pastor who I was coming on staff to serve under. I believe he meant what he said and that there was a part of him that truly wanted the worship ministry of his church to progress and advance into the 21st century. Unfortunately, that sentiment began to change not long after I had started the “advancing” process.”

Understanding the 6 Kinds of Church Services – Mark Driscoll

“Too often a church service is themed theologically, without consideration for the mood emotionally. But getting the mood right is very important. If you don’t, the sermon and the rest of the service won’t align for a journey, but collide like a car wreck.”


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