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The WorshipSphere

The WorshipSphere is a weekly roundup of great blog articles provided by SimplyWorship. If you have a suggestion for a relevant article that we should include, email us at info@simplyworshipconference.org.

9 Marks of a Healthy Worship Leader – Alex Duke

“I’m convinced these nine things are must-haves for anyone leading a congregation in song week after week after week. Far from exhaustive, they are a set of traits, postures, and characteristics I believe are informed by Scripture and ought to transcend culture and denomination.”

Five Things That Cause Worship Leader Burnout, and One Remedy – Zak Hicks

“In seminary, I often heard and read the statistic thrown around that a high percentage of pastors burn out and leave vocational ministry within the first seven years. I haven’t done any polling or data research, but based on my own observation and relationships (along with my own moments of wanting to throw in the towell), my guess is that a study of worship leaders would yield both a higher percentage and a shorter amount of time. If preaching/teaching pastors are like butane lighters, who eventually run out of fuel in their reservoir, then worship leaders are like old fashioned stick matches—they burn out almost as soon as you light them.  I’ve observed many reasons for worship leader burnout, but here are five.”

Do We Really Need More Worship Songs? – Stuart Townend

“As worship leaders we live in pretty fortunate times: not only do we have hundreds – OK, thousands – of years of songs and hymns to draw on for our church worship; not only are there more worship songs being written now than in the history of the church; but we also have instant access to these songs, whatever part of the world they may have come from, via the internet. We probably take it for granted, but the number and range of resources available to us is quite extraordinary, and the ease of accessibility is something that worship leaders and service planners would have given their eye-teeth for as recently as, say, ten years ago. Of course, quantity doesn’t equal quality. And as thousands more songs are added to this virtual worldwide ‘hymnal’ every year, it is worth asking the question: do we really need more worship songs?”

The Issue of Age in Modern Worship – Manuel Luz

I’m witnessing a growing trend in some churches these days. And that is to quietly retire older worship leaders and musicians in favor of younger, more hip-looking equivalents. And let me be clear on this: I don’t have anything against young leadership, and I strongly believe it is an extremely important part of ministry to disciple and empower young men and women to serve and lead worship in our congregations. They bring a fresh, creative, and necessary expression to the church. The issue is that I am seeing—more and more—wise, talented, heart-driven, mature worship musicians and leaders, both vocational and volunteer, being “retired” from ministry.


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